Unwind and revitalize at our relaxing day spa near San Francisco. Inspired by our waterfront California location, we incorporate the elements of earth, fire and sea to help heal, energize and calm, with plant and herbal extracts to soothe the soul.


Swedish Massage – Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa’ Signature 60 minutes $105 / 90 minutes $155

A classic massage utilizing moderate pressure and traditional massage techniques such as kneading and effleurage.  Promotes overall feelings of relaxation and well-being and is excellent for massage beginners or those who prefer a more comforting and soothing massage.

Therapeutic Massage 60 minutes $105 / 90 minutes $155

This traditional massage works to the deeper structures of the body with firmer pressure.  Excellent for those who prefer deep tissue work as it assists in the release of stress and tension.  May incorporate a combination of palm pressure, finger pressure point work, and elbows.


Madrona Heat – Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes $105 / 90 minutes $155

Our signature hot stone massage uses the elements of earth and fire to coax tense muscles into a soothing state of relaxation. Smooth basalt stones (earth) are filled with heat (fire) and used to melt tight muscles. A delicious application of organic lemon and amber massage oil assists in opening the flow of energy around the body, leaving you relaxed but buzzing with vitality.


Mommy and Me 60 minutes $105

A gentle, soothing massage offered in the second and third trimester works to alleviate tension within critical areas of the body. Shoulders, hips, legs and feet receive specialized attention to ease tightness and tension and create mobility, vitality and overall comfort during this exciting time of change.

In Room Chair Massage 10 minutes $20 / 15 minutes $30 / 25 minutes $50

Relax in the comfort of your own guestroom as a Certified Massage Therapist provides you with a seated massage in a portable, ergonomic chair.  This invigorating massage focuses on the neck, shoulder, back, arms, and hands. Each session is done fully clothed with no oil so you can easily go about and enjoy the rest of your day.

For your convenience, gratuities are provided to spa staff through a 20% service charge, based off of the full treatment price, which is automatically added to your treatment total.

Reserve your spa experience by dialing (415) 354-8308

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